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you can't imagine, how long I've waited for this palette to arrive. I bought this collection the exact same minute it launched on Beauty Bay. Even though it was a pre-order, I've never waited this long for a order to arrive. I think I've waited about one month or even a little bit more. Never mind, I finally got the collection and I think you'll be excited to know if it was worth the wait?

Well my dear earthlings.. Of course I had to own this palette since it literally was screaming my name! I'm a huge than nowadays for everything which is out of everyones typical comfort zone. The palette is filled with 18 out of this world - shades. The palette contains some pure matte, silky and metallic shades.  The packaging is a story, faux leather alien head with 3D Eyes. I'm honest, normally I avoid unpractical packagings but I never regretted a product from Jeffree Star. He could probably come out with a palette twice as thick as the Blood Sugar one and I'd still want it. The Palette contains mostly cool shadows and they're the usual bendable formular. 

There have been so many warm tone palettes released the last two years and everything has been pretty samey,  I was born ready as I saw this collection.  The shade range is very earthy and unique with greens, purples, blues and finally some neons. 

Pluto: This one is a really pretty, white coloured shimmer which works amazing as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. You can use it as an actual highlight as well, lol. 
Titan: A gorgeous matte nude shade, perfect for setting the lid or as a light transitional colour.
Alien:  a sparkled green shimmer! That I was immediately drawn to as I caught my first glance at this palette. 
Interstellar: Shimmer with a white gold shift to it, which works amazing as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. You can use it as an actual highlight as well.
Abduction: This shade is a lime green, almost yellow, matte shade which I really like. I’ve never seen a shade like this before so it’s completely unique. .
UFO: This colour is a lovely shade of sparkled gold.
Gravitia: This is a matte shade with a  pinkish peach undertone to it.
Martian Soil: This is a dark mustard type shade and such a great addition to the lime shade above.

Flying saucer: A matte, vibrant green. This shade is extremely pigmented and is perfect for all those spacey extra terrestrial looks. 
Phone Home: This shade is a matte similar to Gravitia but in a darker kinda way with a more pinkish undertone.
Moon Rock: the most perfect golden shade with a greenish / muddy undertone. 
X-Files: This is another one where the emblem in the pan has been changed to a lovely alien. Its the most perfect cool toned brown.
Ghost OG: This is a dark earthy grey which kinda looks like a muddy earthy green sometimes.
Area 51: the most pigmented and adorable cool tones purple shade I've used so far
Space Cowboy: This is a bronze copper shade. These bronzy shades remind me of the ones in the Thirsty Palette.
Probe: a beautiful green duo-chrome colour with grey reflects and maroon and one of my favorite shades in this palette. 
Tall Grey: A matte grey shade which kinda looks blueish sometimes. 
Black Hole: The first black shade Jeffree released. He released a black shimmery shade in his Beautykiller Palette though.

I also bought some of the new Velour Liquid Lipsticks since they're my favorite formular EVER. I always have the problem with liquid lipsticks that they're too drying for my lips. But I really do enjoy his formular. I got the shades Scandal, Hi how are ya? , Triggered and Karma which I'm so in love with, I've never thought that I'd wear a earthy green shade on my lips. 

I also made multiple looks with the palette but most of them were for Christmas looks which I don't want to post in early 2019. 

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