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when Jeffree Star first announced this palette I was kinda torn. On the one hand I was in LOVE with the colors and I loved the concept. On the other hand this palette is so freaking heavy that I'd never travel with it. However the make up heart wins, and this baby moved in. Even though I'd never choose this palette for traveling, I'm kinda happy because the quality literally blew me away.


I adore the colours of this entire collection, perfect for Valentine’s Day with a bad bitch attitude. The Blood Sugar Palette is a whole other realm for the Make Up World. It’s a thicker box with eighteen shades. You get a lot of product in this one, so it really is worth your money. This palette retails for 52$ which works out at about 2.80$ per shadow so it’s very reasonable, in my opinion.

Even though I was torn the concept of this collection is original and unique, inviting artists to delve into the depths of their creative side. Of course, there are also neutral shades for an everyday type of vibe, but it’s the vibrant reds, pinks and plums that really give this palette its abstract appeal and I've got a weakness for reddish and plum tones.

The palette comes in an adorable red faux leather material and is inspired by a doctors medical box. I absolutely adore the little metal clasps even though I need to say that even after a half year, it's still hard to open this palette. We're living in a society where brands and the make up industry in general try to throw something huge and amazing into the crowd, so it is important for brands to stand out in the make up jungle. We’ve all seen eyeshadow palettes, pretty much every colour combo has been done before and there’s hundreds of new products hitting our screens every single day. So I absolutely love it when brands have such an unique concept in their collections.

Glucose: a gorgeous pure white matte shade that would be great for setting any concealer or eyeshadow primer. 
Sugarcane: soft cool toned brown that’s great for a transition shade in the crease.
Cake mix: a slightly deeper brown that is great for building up the colours. 
Ouch: a warmer toned camel brown matte colour. Perfect as a transition color. 
Donor: a metallic glitter shade. More like a pressed glitter pigment.
Intravenous: a dark, chocolate brown with red undertones.
Candy Floss: a rosegolden pinkish shimmer shade. One of my favorite shades in this palette!
Tongue pop: A matte, orange toned pink which is such a gorgeous transition color.
Sweetener: A lovely metallic peachy pink with a golden undertone.
Cavity: A very vibrant neon pink. 
O Positive: a muted cool toned grey matte colour with muave undertones. 
Root Canal: An ultraviolet pink/purple hybrid shade.

Prick: a bright red, orange toned matte. 
Cherry Soda: the reddest of the reds. Didn't find a shade comparable to this one.
Fresh Meat: a mulberry purple toned red 
Blood Sugar: a dark rusty metallic red which is so so unique!
Extraction: a plum burgundy matte berry toned shade.
Coma: a very deep purple matte.
This palette is one of my top 3 palettes from last year and I tested a loottttt of different palettes. I wouldn't want to miss this one in my life. If you're liking these kind of colors this palette is definitely worth your time and money. 

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